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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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We offer the widest selection of off-the-shelf, high quality carbon fiber composite materials. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us for a quote on your custom item.

Carbon Fiber Veneer Sheets

Harness-Satin 4 Weave VeneerHoneycomb Weave Carbon Fiber VeneerTwill Narrow Weave VeneerTwill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Blue) VeneerTwill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Red) VeneerTwill Weave Carbon/Kevlar (Yellow) VeneerTwill Weave Red Kevlar VeneerPlain Weave VeneerTwill Weave Veneer2-Layer Veneer .025"Two Sided Satin Twill Veneer Sheets

Solid Carbon Fiber Sheets & Plates

EconomyPlate™ Carbon Fiber SheetsQuasi-isotropic Carbon Fiber SheetsCarbon Fiber Twill Prepreg SheetsCarbon Fiber Twill/Uni Prepreg SheetsCarbon Fiber Uni Prepreg SheetsCarbon/Kevlar Hybrid SheetsHigh Modulus Carbon Fiber SheetsHigh Temp. Carbon Fiber Prepreg SheetsTwo Sided CF SheetsArtisanPlate™ Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon Fiber Sheets with Core

Carbon Fiber Dyneema Core SheetsCarbon Fiber Prepreg Birch CoreCarbon Fiber Birch CoreCarbon Fiber Balsa CoreCarbon Fiber HoneycombCarbon Fiber Foam CoreCarbon Fiber Core Trim

Carbon Fiber Tubes

Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber TubeBraided Carbon Fiber TubeLarge Carbon Fiber TubesCarbon Fiber Camera RailsPultruded Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon Fiber Telescoping Tubes

Carbon Fiber Standard Telescoping TubesCarbon Fiber Rugged Telescoping TubesCarbon Fiber Deflection Optimized Telescoping TubesCarbon Fiber Threaded Long TubesTelescoping Tube End Effectors & Connectors

Tube Connector Systems

Modular Carbon Fiber Tube ConnectorsRound CF Pultruded Tube StructuresSquare CF Tube Structures

Structural Carbon Fiber Components

Carbon Fiber AngleCarbon Fiber C-ChannelCarbon Fiber StiffenersCarbon Fiber I-Beams

Pultruded Carbon Fiber Components

Carbon Fiber RodCarbon Fiber StripPultruded Carbon Fiber Tube

High Temperature Carbon Fiber

High Temp. Carbon Fiber Prepreg Round Tubes High Temp. Carbon Fiber Prepreg Sheets

Flame Retardant Carbon Fiber

Flame Retardant Narrow Weave Twill VeneerFlame Retardant Plain VeneerFlame Retardant Twill Color VeneerFlame Retardant Twill VeneerFlame Retardant Veneer 2-Layer .025"Flame Retardant Carbon Fiber Twill Prepreg SheetsFlame Retardant EconomyPlate™ SheetsFlame Retardant Braided Carbon Fiber Round TubesFlame Retardant Braided Carbon Fiber Square/Rectangular TubesFlame Retardant Carbon Fiber AngleFlame Retardant Carbon Fiber C-ChannelFlame Retardant Carbon Fiber Hat StiffenersFlame Retardant Carbon Fiber I-Beams

Kevlar Composite Products

Kevlar SheetsKevlar Tubes

Adhesives & Applicators

3M AdhesivesHardman AdhesivesLOCTITE/Hysol Adhesives

Additional Items

PolishesBonded Fasteners

Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Kits

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