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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composites
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Carbon Fiber Veneer
EconomyPlate™ Carbon Fiber Sheets
Quasi-isotropic Carbon Fiber Sheets
Carbon Fiber Twill/Uni Sheets
Carbon Fiber Uni Sheets
High Modulus CF Sheets
High Temp. Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Sheets
Two-Sided CF Sheets
Carbon Fiber Artisan Sheets
Carbon Fiber Birch Core
Carbon Fiber Balsa Core
Carbon Fiber Honeycomb
Carbon Fiber Foam Core
Carbon Fiber Trim
Carbon Fiber Rod
Carbon Fiber Strip
Carbon Fiber Angle
Carbon Fiber C-Channel
Carbon Fiber Stiffeners
Carbon Fiber Beams
Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tube
Carbon Fiber Camera Rails
Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube
Braided Carbon Fiber Tube
Carbon Fiber Telescoping Tubes
Large Carbon Fiber Tubes
Modular Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors
Round CF Pultruded Tube Structures
Square CF Tube Structures
Flame Retardant CF
Bonded Fasteners

on all carbon fiber sheets.

$5000 - $9999 / 5%
$10,000 - $24,999 / 7.5%
$25,000+ / 10%

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Carbon Fiber Structural Components
Click to Leave Message DragonPlate™ is the tradename for our unique
Engineered Carbon Fiber Composites.

  DragonPlate carbon fiber composites are strong,
light and beautiful.

  DragonPlate materials are designed for use in constructing high performance structures and are easy to cut, drill and assemble.

  DragonPlate also offers engineering/design and custom fabrication through our CNC Service for your unique carbon fiber part. Contact us with your special needs, we can help.
Manufacturing Services Element6 Carbon Fiber Engineering
NEW! - Gloss/Matte EconomyPlate™ Carbon Fiber Sheets
We are exited to now offer a gloss or matte finish on our largest sized EconomyPlate™ sheets. The only thing economy about these sheets is the price! Our EconomyPlate™ sheets are comprised of laminates utilizing a twill weave at 0°/90° orientation, while maintaining a symmetrical and balanced laminate. As with all DragonPlate solid carbon fiber sheets, EconomyPlate™ is composed entirely of a tough and rigid carbon reinforced epoxy matrix. Purchase EconomyPlate™
NEW! EconomyPlate™ Foam Core Carbon Fiber Sheets
EconomyPlate™ Foam Core Carbon Fiber Sheets provide excellent performance without breaking your budget. Options include Airex or Divinycell foam core and two face sheet thickness options of .010" or .030". Sheet sizes are available up to 48" x 96"!

Foam core composites are a great way to produce extremely lightweight composite structures where high stiffness to weight properties are required.

Purchase EconomyPlate™ Foam Core Carbon Fiber Sheets

NEW! EconomyPlate™ Balsa Core Carbon Fiber Sheets
EconomyPlate™ Carbon Fiber Balsa Core offers a very high strength and stiffness to weight ratio. End grain balsa provides exceptionally high shear, tensile and compressive strengths. Balsa is also a renewable resource, with typical balsa trees maturing to 90 feet in seven years. The lay-up design is 0°/90° orientation of carbon fiber on each side of a Balsa core center. Two face sheet thickness options of .010" or .030" are available.

Purchase EconomyPlate™ Balsa Core Carbon Fiber Sheets

NEW! Wire Bracing Accessories for Modular Connectors

New is the release of wire bracing accessories for use with our modular connector system. Wire bracing accessories can be used with all sizes of our modular connectors to create lightweight, complex carbon fiber structures and space frames.

Purchase Wire Bracing Accessories

NEW! Modular Aluminum Tube Connectors for 1" and 0.75" Tubes
carbon fiber modular tube connectors

Create complex disassembleable structures with our carbon fiber tubes!


Carbon Fiber Foam Cores
Foam core composites are a great way to produce extremely lightweight composite structures. Available in various thicknesses and densities.

  Depron Foam Core   Airex Foam Core
  Divineycell Foam Core

Carbon Fiber Advanced Cores
DragonPlate core composites offer a very high strength and stiffness to weight ratio. Many different cores and thicknesses available.

  Polypro Honeycomb Core   Balsa Core
  Nomex Honeycomb Core   Birch Plywood Core

Carbon Tube Structures
The benefit of carbon fiber over conventional structural materials is the high strength and high stiffness to weight ratios. Now you can build these structures using DragonPlate materials. See How...

Light-Duty Structures
  0.5" Small Tubes   Connectors
Heavy-Duty Structures
  Square Tubes   Gussets
  Corner Gussets

Structural Sections & Beams
Combining classic structural members with modern composites, DragonPlate offers carbon fiber structural sections and beams.

  I-Beams   Angles
  C-Channels   Hat Stiffeners

Carbon Fiber Tubes
Comprised of Carbon Fiber Braid and Unidirectional Fabrics, our tubes are ideal for building light weight frames and structures such as trusses.

  Pultruded Tube   Roll Wrapped Tubes
  Braided Round Tubes   Braided Square Tubes
  Braided Rectangular Tubes

Solid Carbon Fiber Sheets
Dragonplate offers carbon fiber sheets in various thicknesses, sizes, finishes and layup schedules.

  Twill Veneer   Quasi-isotropic Sheets
  Standard Veneer   EconomyPlate
  Twill/Uni Prepreg Sheets   Uni Prepreg Sheets

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